twitter account hackedYes, I’m afraid it did. But don’t panic. Here’s how to fix it.

Either I or someone else who follows you on Twitter has sent you to this page to help you get, well, unhacked.

How do you know I got hacked?

In nearly all cases, it’s because your Twitter account started sending out tweets like “Did you see this crazy pic of you?!” or “I lost 30 lbs in a week. You can too!” Go check your Twitter account and you’ll probably see them there. I know, you didn’t send them on purpose. So who did? Read on…

How did I get hacked in the first place?!

In all likelihood, your account wasn’t actually broken into by an individual person — what probably happened was that at some point, you gave some web service authorization to access your account. (I know, sounds unlikely, but think back. You probably did.)

How do I get unhacked?

It’s actually really easy. Just go to and look through the list of applications. These are the sites or programs that you’ve authorized to use your account. Starting to look familiar? Your best approach is to click the Revoke Access button on any application you aren’t actively using. If there are any in that list you just plain don’t recognize at all, definitely revoke their access.

Whew. That was easy. Now what?

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