Ten years ago, I nearly lost my life to a crippling addiction to alcohol and over-the-counter sleeping pills.

I spent months at the Edgewood Centre for Addiction Recovery.

It saved my life.

But it wasn’t cheap.

My stay at Edgewood cost me about $25,000. I had to mortgage my home to afford it.

I was lucky, because I had that option.

So many people living with addictions are ready to get treatment… but can’t afford it.

This walk (June 22) raises money for the Island Crisis Care Society, which sponsors people in need and covers the cost of their treatment.

  • Addicts get to come to treatment
  • Family members recovery through the Insite program
  • Children participate in the Bounce Back program
  • Broken lives and families are pieced back together again

The last run I did raised $4,660 (and I am proud to say I was the event’s top fundraiser!).

My goal this year is to raise $5,000.

I’ve already put $1,500 into it to kick it off.

I hope you can help me give back to this amazing program.

It saved my life.

I’d like to help save others.

Can you join me?


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