Destination and Tourism Marketing: The Digital/Social Edge

Top destination marketing groups from the U.S. Travel Association to Thompson Okanagan Tourism to the B.C. Ministry of Tourism trust Tod Maffin to help their groups understand how to exploit social and digital marketing to measurably increase visits and boost revenue per stay.

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Tod’s most popular tourism marketing keynote presentations include:

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Deconstructing Viral: How to Build a Killer Tourism Marketing Campaign

Can blind luck be reproduced? Absolutely, says Tod Maffin. Today’s viral campaigns may seem like jackpots in a one-in-a-million lottery, but it turns out they are well within the reach of any marketing team’s grasp. All it takes is knowing the secret ingredients behind some of the world’s most talked-about campaigns.

By reverse-engineering each element of successful destination viral campaigns, Tod will walk your audience through the six key markers that can launch a campaign into the viral stratosphere — markers that can be programmed into the smallest budgets. He will literally “deconstruct” these campaigns, piece by piece, then show your group how to re-assemble a campaign for their own organization.

You will never look at a viral campaign again the same.

[column col=”1/2″]“Quite simply, Tod blew our audience away. His Deconstructing Viral presentation gave our members a clear view inside the inner workings of successful viral campaigns. Both entertaining and packed with information, Tod’s presentation was a huge hit.” 
— Tracy Campbell, Vancouver Board of Trade[/column] [column col=”1/2″]“Tod’s Deconstructing Viral talk was a seamless presentation — exciting, educational, and chock-full of insight. Feedback from audience members included: ‘Great speaker with great content and vivid presentation!’ and ‘Tod is funny as well as smart. As he said: ‘Laughter is one of the keys to a successful viral campaign.’
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The Facts of Strife: How to Respond When Your Destination is Attacked Online

Now that you’re starting to get your region or destination in place and staff trained, how prepared are you for when you’re attacked on those same platforms, either by angry travellers, Internet “trolls,” or ill-informed activist groups? In this intimate session, you’ll learn:

  • Tod’s company’s highly effective PEDB (Praise/Escalate/Delete/Ban) flow-strategy for managing your brand’s social media presence
  • How to create a Negative Response Strategy for your region or destination
  • The most effective, compliance-safe social media policies for employees
  • How one of the most talked-about destination social media campaigns ended up nearly destroying its brand
  • Tod’s model of a “web swarm,” and his five-step methodology for responding to a swarm
  • How your legal and marketing teams should deal when your brand falls victim to “Twitterjacking
  • Why your destination’s next hire needs to be a Chief Humanizing Officer and what that role would entail

Each attendee will also walk away with a detailed information kit containing regulatory-safe social media policy examples, a sample Negative Response Strategy, a flow diagram of Tod’s PEDB strategy for immediate implementation in your firm, a copy of Tod’s slides, and more.

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Exploiting Edgerank: Triple Your Region’s Visibility on Facebook

So you’ve got a Facebook page for your destination, but it’s just not getting the traction you keep hearing about. You post something to your fan page and, a minute later, it’s already dropped off the bottom of your fans’ News Feeds. There’s a reason for that. And it looks like this:


That is the algorithm behind Facebook’s most viewed page — the News Feed. And once you decode and understand this remarkably simple equation, your brand will become immediately more visible and will stay on your fans’ news feed longer.

In this fast-paced seminar, Tod reveal how top tourism social media marketers use Edgerank to keep their city, region, or destination much more visible on Facebook’s all-important News Feed. Content will include:

  • Which day has the strongest engagement for the Tourism and Travel sector
  • What is the best time of day to post for maximum visibility (and why 90% of brands are doing it wrong)
  • Top examples of strongest engagement from competing destinations?
  • Tod’s highly effective PEDB (Praise/Escalate/Delete/Ban) flow-strategy for managing your brand’s social media presence
  • How to check your Edgerank online
  • What types of statistics you should check to ensure an improved Edgerank
  • Using Facebook’s Question function to dramatically increase your visibility on the News Feed
  • Best practices in encouraging your fans to create content for you

This presentation can run from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on your agenda, and can include a full Q&A session and interactive demonstration with Internet access. It can also be presented as a half- or full-day onsite workshop with your key marketing team.

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