Digital Marketing Keynotes for the DMO/Tourism Industry

Entertaining. Information-Packed. 100% Customized.

Top DMO groups from the U.S. Travel Association to the State of Oregon to the B.C. Ministry of Tourism trust Tod Maffin to help them drive more visits.

President of engageQ digital, Tod’s agency helps airlines, hotels, restaurants, and attractions generate awareness that turns into measurable visits.

Deconstructing Viral: How to Build a Killer Tourism Marketing Campaign

“One of the best presentations that I’ve ever seen.”
— Josie Ratnayake, Travel Portland

By reverse-engineering each element of successful DMO viral campaigns, Tod will walk your audience through the six key markers that can launch a campaign into the viral stratosphere — markers that can be programmed into the smallest budgets. He will deconstruct these campaigns, piece by piece, then show your group how to re-assemble a campaign for their own organization.

You will never look at a viral campaign again the same.

“Quite simply, Tod blew our audience away. His Deconstructing Viral presentation gave our members a clear view inside the inner workings of successful viral campaigns. Both entertaining and packed with information, Tod’s presentation was a huge hit.” 

Tracy Campbell

Events Director, Vancouver Board of Trade

Effective Social Media for $200 Per Month

“Amazing! And about five hours too short.”
— Lynn Snodgrass, CEO, Gresham Chamber of Commerce

Don’t let the blogs fool you. You don’t need thousands of dollars to market your region, attraction, or organization.

Tod Maffin does this for a living, working with hotels, airlines and destinations to drive real, measurable visits — using low-budget, high-effectiveness social media ad campaigns.

In this information-packed session, you’ll learn the most effective ways to advertise on social media, on even the smallest budgets.

 This presentation can run from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on your agenda, and can include a full Q&A session and interactive demonstration with Internet access. It can also be presented as a half- or full-day onsite workshop with your key marketing team.

“Absolutely amazing. One of the best presentations I’ve been to.” Aaron Liersemann

Tourism Development Specialist, Clackamas County

SWARM: When Good Buzz Goes Bad On Social Media 

Now that you’re starting to get your region or destination in place and staff trained, how prepared are you for when you’re attacked on those same platforms, either by angry travellers, Internet “trolls,” or ill-informed activist groups? In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Negative Response Strategy for your region or destination
  • Tod’s model of a “web swarm,” and his five-step methodology for responding to a swarm

Each attendee will also walk away with a detailed information kit containing regulatory-safe social media policy examples, a sample Negative Response Strategy, a flow diagram of Tod’s PEDB strategy for immediate implementation in your firm, a copy of Tod’s slides, and more.

Smart Communities, Engaged Citizens

They’re already there. Your citizens and businesses are engaging with each other, talking about your community, and doing business with each other.

And your community’s voice is, well, is an aging web site.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tod Maffin will show your attendees how successful cities and communities your size are already using mobile and social media to be more effective in their communications, cutting costs, and — most importantly — developing an engaged, active citizen base.

He’ll break down three successful campaigns for re-election and walk your group how the elected representative used specific digital tactics.

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