Here’s what we covered on today’s This Week in Digital Marketing:

• Important new Pew data on Social Media usage

• Time-spent is dropping like a rock (!)
• More music now legally available to use — organically
• How to get your Facebook show added to “Watch”
• What’s with this Animated Text?
• Don’t fall for this potentially dangerous scam

• Moving back to Chronological timeline?!
• Clever Macy’s influencer campaign
• Testing “Focus” photography

• Teasing at more subscription-based ad products
• Verification badge coming to everyone

• Here we go again. Another celebrity pissed off at Snapchat
• Will Apple buy Snapchat?

Hootsuite to embark on a buying spree

• App of the Week: Parcel (track all your inbound shipments easily)

• Tool of the Week: Photolemur (instantly improve images you have)