I’ll admit, I’m an early adopter. That’s why I’ve been dying to try out Facebook’s new (horribly named) Graph Search. Like many things on the web, they’re rolling it out slowly and my account hasn’t gotten it yet.

So I thought I’d post a fun little status update asking for it. ((I fully recognize it’s not going to boost my chances any.))


As you can see, for fun, I tagged the Mark Zuckerberg fan page.

That’s when things went weird. I got this mean-looking message:


Then, as soon as I clicked Okay, it logged me out. And when I tried to log in, I got:


Holy crap! 

It reminded me of the time I got banned by Facebook.

Now, if I just used Facebook for fun, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. But I use it for my work. I currently have 22 separate ad campaigns running, not to mention a Facebook group on digital marketing, and — heck — a lot of my business is on Facebook.

And this is where it got weird.

Facebook prompted me to download a “malware scanner.” I was immediately suspicious, as this is a common tactic used by, ironically, malware. But, sure enough, it came from the legit facebook.com domain.

It scanned my system briefly, reported that there was no malware, and then somehow deleted itself — I can’t find the Chrome extension anywhere in my browser any more.


Eventually, it let me in. But that’s just weird, right?