Here’s what I think: The London 2012 Olympics is being stupid.

While this might not seem like a topic I’d normally post on my blog — which generally revolves around the topic of the digital world — in fact, it’s right on topic.

Let’s face it; in the last few years, the Olympics seems to have existed more to threaten trademark lawsuits than compete at outdated sports. (Yes, the sports in the London 2012 Olympics are outdated and boring to watch.) In my city, Vancouver, even a local small Greek restaurant which has operated as Olympia (note: Not “Olympics”) Pizza for decades, was told to change its name and take down its five-ring logo during the Winter 2012 games or face a lawsuit.

But this time, the Olympics have reached a new low.

Buried in the terms and conditions for using its web site is this tasty tidbit:

You may create your own link to the Site, provided that… no such link shall portray us or any other official London 2012 organisations (or our or their activities, products or services) in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise objectionable manner.

Sorry, guys, here in Canada at least, we have freedom of speech. And if I want to link to your site saying that the London Olympic 2012 Games are just generally being shitty about their link policy, I have that right.

And if you believe otherwise, here is my lawyer’s address:

Lesperance Mendez Mancuso
#410 – 900 Howe Street
Vancouver BC
V6Z 2M4