Years ago, I produced a documentary series for CBC Radio called Real Life Chronicles.

It was a direct ripoff of tribute to This American Life, a great radio show in the U.S.

Here are some of the episodes.

Home Renovations

Rites Gone Wrong:

Note: I voiced the intros to these stores live, and didn’t capture the live show, so these stories start somewhat abruptly.

The People You Meet on Transit:

The Messages We Keep (Air date: January 20, 2003)

Standing Out in the Crowd

Lessons from the Trans-Canada Highway

Mistaken Identities (Air date: January 28, 2003)

Preludes to War (Air date: February 3, 2003)

The Classifieds (Air date: February 10, 2003)

Invisible Jobs (Air date: February 17, 2003)

On a Whim (Air date: February 24, 2003)

How to Be a Kid

Here are some other radio/podcast projects of mine.