Tod's Broadcasting Work

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

I’ve been a host and producer for Canada’s public broadcaster since 2001, working on a number of shows and hosting two of my own.

National Technology Column
I continue to report on national technology trends, from consumer electronics to e-business to social media. The pieces air on regional morning and afternoon shows, reaching millions of Canadians. I’ve been doing it since 2001.
The Real Life Chronicles
I hosted and produced this weekly documentary series which aired inside Sounds Like Canada and North by Northwest. Using stories from freelance writers and live callers, the show shone a spotlight on the peculiar and fascinating elements of Canadian life. Heavily influenced by This American Life.
This show, my first with CBC, was a fully interactive show that aired live to each time zone, following the popular As It Happens each week. We ran for two seasons in 2001 and 2002.

Other Broadcast Work

I’ve also done lots of private radio, podcasts, and some fun things to. Have a look:

Private Radio
Taking Crazy Back
In 2012, I bought four hours of radio on eBay. I really did — here’s the listing. And with it, I produced this hour-long radio show about mental health and addictions. It aired on a single tiny radio station in Washington State. I’m sure no more than a dozen people listened. But it fed my soul and I’m proud of the shows I made. 🙂
And then there's this...
And here’s what a 13-year-old Tod sounded like on the radio. Let’s just keep this between you and me, okay? 😉

Press the Play button below.

NOTE: There is no audio for the first ten seconds.

You’re Doing It All Wrong
My current podcast analyzes how most business people are totally screwing up their digital marketing. And what you can do to learn from their mistakes.

How to Do Stuff
Just a fun little thing I did.