One Click Away: Cultivating Brand Loyalty in the Digital-Consumer Economy

After attending this session, your attendees will know HOW TO:

  • Identify loyalty-threating smartphone apps
  • Counter-market against geolocating “checkin” apps
  • Respond to bad viral feedback in social media channels
  • Get alerted to negative comments on consumer review sites
  • Train your staff on cultivating loyal “brand-ambassador citizens”
  • Determine whether your business will need a “Loyalty Concierge”
Listen closely. That click you hear? It’s the sound of your customers leaving you.

In this era of the empowered consumer and websites that report the lowest prices on everything, it’s critical that organizations be proactive in deploying specific tactics aimed at earning and cultivating brand loyalty.

In this new presentation, Tod demonstrates how quickly loyal fans fall out of love with their “favorite” brands and offers precise action steps that need to be taken in order to maintain that loyalty.

Through a combination of specific social media tactics, including Facebook geo-targeting and consumer-site countering, he shares industry-specific examples and works with organizations to help turn an existing base of raving fans into life-long brand advocates.

Audience members leave armed with a copy of the presentation slides, a resource kit complete with links to every site and tool mentioned, as well as the option to enroll in Tod’s free 30-day video training series on social media marketing.

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