Taking Crazy Back: Mental Health in the Workplace

With depression rates soaring in the workplace, do we need a radical new way of providing mental health services to our employees? Tod Maffin [bio] thinks so.

Once the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar technology firm, Tod’s workload and always-on personality finally caught up with him and over the following years, he was crippled by a devastating depression and addiction — all the while struggling to appear to be productive to employers and colleagues, and happy and healthy to his friends and family.

In this provocative keynote speech, Tod will reveal to your delegates how this always-connected landscape has seduced all of us into endless multitasking and infinite email — all the while pretending that this increasing workload is the best thing for “productivity.”

In fact, this hyper-connected economy may be both destroying the productivity of workplaces and eroding the mental health of companies’ most valuable asset — their people.

Tod will outline his own bold strategy for bringing mental health discussion out of the shadows in a way that will challenge your attendees for years to come.

Tod’s story is emotional — at once funny and poignant, sad and hopeful. Nearly all audiences give him a standing ovation for his work on the podium. He has spoken for the Canadian Mental Health Association, universities, companies, and many more.

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After attending this session, your attendees will know HOW TO:

  • Train staff on factoring “intuition” into their decision-making processes
  • Create a workplace culture where asking for help is rewarded
  • Abolish “presenteeism” from the workplace
  • Use technology to actually gain time (not spend it fixing the technology!)
  • Develop a simple sticker-based mentorship plan at your workplace

Tod Maffin Profile

Tod was featured in fear.less magazine, where he shared details of his journey to mental wellness.
Unedited live Twitter reaction to Tod Maffin’s Taking Crazy Back keynote at F5 Expo, April 7, 2010:

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