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Tod MaffinTod Maffin was a top-flying CEO of a technology company during the web 1.0 craze. Worth millions, he led a busy life that included running his publicly traded company while hosting a national radio show on CBC Radio One about technology. He was working 16-hour days, non-stop.

And then, everything crashed. Tod was crippled with a devastating depression and addiction which all but destroyed him.

Today, Tod is an inspirational example of fighting back, recovery in action, and learning how to live sanely in our busy techno-driven life. In the summer of 2009, Tod was featured in Esperanza Mental Health Magazine [pdf download PDF] as an “Everyday Hero” (article attached).

Tod’s mental health presentation is emotional — at once funny and poignant, sad and hopeful. He has spoken for the national mental health associations, universities, companies, and many more.

Taking Crazy Back – Mental Health Keynote

A Bold New Blueprint for Mental Health in the Workplace

Format: Keynote or Concurrent Session
Length: 75 to 90 minutes
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With depression rates soaring in the workplace, do we need a radical new way of providing mental health services to our employees?

Tod Maffin [bio] thinks so.

Once the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar technology firm, Tod’s workload and always-on personality finally caught up with him and over the following years, he was crippled by a devastating depression — all the while struggling to appear to be productive to employers and colleagues, and happy and healthy to his friends and family.

In this provocative keynote speech, Tod will reveal to your delegates how this always-connected landscape has seduced all of us into endless multitasking and infinite email — all the while pretending that this increasing workload is the best thing for “productivity.”

In fact, this hyper-connected economy may be both destroying the productivity of workplaces and eroding the mental health of companies’ most valuable asset — their people.

Tod will outline his own bold strategy for bringing mental health discussion out of the shadows in a way that will challenge your attendees for years to come.

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The Myth of Multitasking – Worklife Balance Speaker

Working and Living in the Hyperspeed Economy Without Losing Your Mind

Format: Keynote or Concurrent Session
Length: 45 to 75 minutes including optional Q&A [other time formats]
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busy manLet’s just say this — there’s a very good chance you’re doing three things right now. Don’t think so? Think about it. You’re reading this, you may have some music or talk show on in the background, your eye darts over to your email, and so on.

It’s not your fault; that’s what today’s fast-paced, always-on worklife demands. And you either go with the fast-flow or you die. Right? Not always…

In this entertaining but informative keynote presentation (can also be adapted for workshop/seminar), Tod will show you how to be more productive, profitable, and satisfied with life by using a new set of skills designed to reduce your email, wrangle your voicemails better, and prioritze your day.

Some highlights from the presentation:

  • Exploit proven streamlined email model that will save you at least an hour a day
  • Learn how you are literally damaging your brain when you multitask
  • Use more effective management strategies like Smart Delegation
  • Learn why you feel sore all the time and the secret world of stress-induced sub-muscular contractions
  • Gain a little space and “just be” without taking up yoga
  • Use web services to priorize your day
  • Learn how your brain simply can’t do more than one thing at a time (fun demonstration)


What They Say

“Tod Maffin was a runaway successful speaker. All respondents rated him a 3 out of 3 and comments were extraordinarily positive. Not only was he an outstanding presenter, but his personal story had a very strong impact.”
— Beth Evans, Minding the Workplace conference

“Thank you so much for your presentation in Calgary at The Conference Board of Canada’s Workplace Health Conference. Your presentation was really excellent! Your professional and personal messages are powerful, engaging and moving. You truly are a very gifted speaker and a resilient individual! It is a great pleasure to work with you.”
— Beth Evans, M.Sc., Director, Mental Health Promotion, Alberta Mental Health Board

“Your keynote presentation ratings reflected excellence with an overall evaluation of 5+ out of 5 and a standing ovation (which is in itself a rarity and speaks volumes).  Consistent feedback from delegates included, “Great information, giving us lots to think about”; “Awesome speaker, simply outstanding”; “Very impactful presentation”; “High impact, he’s incredible”; “Absolutely amazing speaker!”; “Excellent, thank you Tod for sharing so much value”; “Best speaker ever +”; “Excellent, motivational and excellent choice for this conference”; “Very much appreciated his presentation, courage, honesty”; “Awesome program with this amazing presentation”; and “Refreshing and thought provoking”
— Elizabeth Lengyel, Program Director, Conference Board of Canada

“Your presentation was awesome.  It has changed the way that I’m pursuing my career path regarding my family and friends!  I want to be a human “being” again!  Thanks a million.”
— Shanté Williams, Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission