Recruiting the Facebook Generation: Winning the New War for Talent

They’re fickle, media-savvy, highly-connected and living on the cutting-edge of technology.

If your organization thinks grooming your future leadership is about placing stale ads in papers and using old-school recruiting techniques, there’s a nasty shock in store. Leading edge companies are harnessing and exploiting the powerful networking forces in social media Web sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to find and recruit the future workforce.The Facebook generation knows it is in the driver’s seat in the workforce these days. Employers worldwide are scrambling to understand what makes this unique generation tick.

In this presentation, Tod Maffin walks audiences through the minefield of challenges involved in this new world of talent management and delivers invaluable insights into the future generation of workers: where to find them, how to attract them, and, perhaps most importantly, how to keep them engaged, motivated and fully productive.

What They Say

Remarkable — He Had The Audience Engaged
“Tod’s refreshing presentation on Recruiting the Facebook Generation was relevant, timely, and witty — a rare combination. A remarkable presenter, he had the audience engaged and chuckling first thing in the morning! The feedback received from our attendees was very positive; many agreed that Tod was the highlight of the day — a 9.5 out of 10!”
— Darcy Rezac, Vancouver Board of Trade

“Maffin’s address was liberally spotted with light-hearted stories, but it was also thought-provoking. More than a few of the association’s membership were making notes for future reference.”
— Calgary Herald

Incredible Engaging and Inspiring
“Tod packed the house in both sessions and he delivered! He has an enormous wealth of expertise on the whole gamut related to social media and the Web 2.0. But content aside, he was also so incredibly engaging and inspiring as a presenter that you couldn’t help but have a fabulous time along the way. What was clear to me was that this guy is authentic. He’s passionate about what he does….and does a terrific job in engaging his audiences.”
— TGIM Work Life