Recruiting and Leading the Social Generation

How to Manage, Inspire, and Retain Generation-Y and Millennials
They’re fickle, media-savvy, highly-connected and living on the cutting-edge of technology.

If your organization thinks grooming your future leadership is about placing stale ads in papers and using old-school recruiting techniques, there’s a nasty shock in store.

Successful companies are harnessing the powerful networking forces in social media sites like Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, and Pinterest to find and recruit the future workforce. The Social Generation knows it is in the driver’s seat in the workforce these days. Employers worldwide are scrambling to understand what makes this unique generation tick.

In this engaging presentation, Tod Maffin walks audiences through the minefield of challenges involved in this new world of talent management and delivers invaluable insights into the future generation of workers: where to find them, how to attract them, and, perhaps most importantly, how to keep them engaged, motivated and fully productive.

From developing personalized benefits packages to learning an entirely new leadership model, the presentation walks you through, in plain language, the specific areas you need to focus on. Your attendees will hear real-world case studies of what works (and examples where attempts to manage this generation went spectacularly wrong) and will walk away with a detailed kit of resources and notes of the presentation.

  • Integrating the Generations
  • Living a New Leadership and Management Style
  • Rethinking Benefits and Evaluations
  • Developing On-Demand Workplace Education
  • Creating a Safe Space Where Innovation ‘Just Happens’
  • Structuring a Team by Removing Its Structure
  • Fostering Loyalty by Training Them to Leave
  • The Six Reasons Millennials/Generation Y Leave Their Employer

The presentation is completely flexible, from a 60- to 90-minute keynote presentation to a half-day interactive seminar format. It’s designed for human resources professionals, small-business managers, and anyone else who works with people aged 18-32.

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“Your Leading the Social Generation was one of the best presentations I have ever been to, the information was great and you have an amazing ability in keeping the audiences attention. I have already taken a lot of what you said in your presentation and used it in my day to day communication with the older generations in my life. You were awesome!”

Lacey Amen

22 years old

“I just wanted to let you know that I was at the Leading the Social Generation seminar and being in the Social Generation myself, I thought you were hilarious and pretty much right on the money. I look forward to seeing another seminar should you ever come back to town!”

Julia Jordan

20 years old

“Everyone enjoyed Tod’s sense of humor and the way he gave the presentation. On a more personal level, I enjoyed working with Tod thoroughly from the beginning with calls and emails as I was getting prepared for the event and when I met him. I have organized events for many years and I can honestly say that Tod has been one of the most accommodating and friendliest speakers I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.”

Vickie Keeley

Medicine Hat HR Association

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