SWARM: Crisis Communications in the Social Space

Key Takeaways

After attending this session, your attendees will know HOW TO:

  • Monitor for negative brand feedback
  • Get instantly alerted to potential problems
  • Respond to attacks in social media
  • Convert “enemy combatants” to advocates

Full Description

Now that you’ve got your company’s social media platforms in place and staff trained, how prepared are you for when you’re attacked on those same platforms, either by angry customers, Internet “trolls,” or ill-informed pressure groups? In a session that can work as a full keynote or intimate session for senior leaders, attendees will learn:

  • Tod’s company’s highly effective PEDB (Praise/Escalate/Delete/Ban) flow-strategy for managing your brand’s social media presence
  • How to create a Negative Response Strategy for your firm
  • The most effective, compliance-safe social media policies for employees
  • How one of the most talked-about social media campaigns ended up nearly destroying its brand
  • Tod’s model of a “web swarm,” and his five-step methodology for responding to a swarm
  • How your legal and marketing teams should deal when your brand falls victim to “Twitterjacking
  • Case studies of instances where organizations in your industry have faced attacks online, how they dealt with them, and the results
  • Why your organization’s next hire needs to be a Chief Humanizing Officer and what that role would entail
  • How to monitor the state of your brand’s reputation daily, with almost no technical expertise

Each attendee will also walk away with a detailed information kit containing regulatory-safe social media policy examples, a sample Negative Response Strategy, a flow diagram of Tod’s PEDB (Praise/Escalate/Delete/Ban) strategy for immediate implementation in your firm, a copy of Tod’s slides, and more.

What you learn at this session may save your brand millions. Or its life.


The SWARM Method

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