The Social Broadcaster: Infusing Social into Your Station’s DNA

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After attending this session, your attendees will know HOW TO:

  • Develop a full strategic plan to market your show/station/network using social media
  • Create and nurture a three-role “Social Outreach Team”
  • Monitor what’s being said in social media about your station and shows
  • Identify show influencers in social media and encourage them to promote your shows
  • Reward the “super-fans” of your programs
  • Build a loyalty-rewarding game for people who watch/listen to your shows
  • Move beyond the current wave of simple “second-screen” apps


broadcasting social mediaOne thing is clear in this new world of social networks — tweeting just ain’t cutting it any more. Stations and shows are struggling to use social media to engage with and broaden their audience.

In this information-packed session, Tod Maffin will show you how leading broadcast brands are exploiting social virality and connect with their viewers and listeners.

You’ll learn everything from what makes a successful second-screen app, to how many people you really need on your social media team, to whether you can connect social metrics to ratings. Tod will also outline the four key tactics broadcasters will need to deploy to inoculate themselves against competitive threats and to thrive engagement and drive ratings in this new era:

  • Strategy First
  • Super-Fans
  • Social Outreach Team
  • Second-Screening

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About Tod

tod maffinTod Maffin was on the air at the age of 13, hosting and producing a weekend music program at CiTR (UBC’s campus radio station). In time, he went on to report news at a regional network, then became a producer at CBC Radio (Canada’s national public radio), eventually hosting his own national show about social technology.

Tod’s unique and provocative take on the future of “social broadcast” has seen him keynote conferences at ABC Australia, the BC Association of Broadcasters, and many more. Tod continues to produce technology reports for CBC Radio National.
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What They Say

“We had Tod Maffin speak at our WAB conference and it is still spoken at each following WAB meeting! Tod provided a wealth of knowledge, information and entertainment that has fundamentally changed how some broadcasters who watched him at our WAB conference continued their business operations.”
  — Western Association of Broadcasters

“Tod is not about the cookie-cutter application or speech; rather his ability to listen and identify a company’s specific needs and then tailor his approach to its stage of readiness is really unique to most gurus in this area. He is an absolute professional who will enthusiastically tell you your present and future — if you’re ready to hear it.”
 Catherine Legge, producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“I am constantly impressed by Tod’s ideas, passion, and execution when it comes to digital media, exploring the future of traditional media, and public speaking. He is one of the few people I know in the media who is deeply and actively engaged in experimenting with new digital technologies, figuring out ways to make them work, and then sharing those ideas with colleagues and audiences in ways that easy to understand, easy to implement, provide results, and get people excited instead of ‘scared’.”
  — Steve Pratt, Director, Digital Music & CBC Radio 3, CBC

“I’ve relied on Tod’s expertise in issues related to technology and society, In particular, I have appreciated his very clear, and highly entertaining approach to explaining and analyzing issues in technology. It’s a topic that intimidates a lot of people, but Tod’s friendly, fun approach overcomes the ‘fear factor’. He’s also a pleasure to work with.”
  — Nora Young , Host and Producer, CBC Radio