“Tod is not a cookie-cutter speaker. Rather, his ability to listen and identify a company’s specific needs and then tailor his approach to its stage of readiness is really unique to most gurus in this area. He is an absolute professional who will enthusiastically tell you your present and future. If you’re ready to hear it.” Catherine Legge

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

NEW FOR 2015: How Big Data Will Revolutionize Your Business
In this information-packed session using real-world case studies, Tod Maffin will help your audience understand what Big Data is, what it is not (perhaps more importantly), and explain the three keys to developing and using a Big Data implementation in your company.

NEW FOR 2015: TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Business
In a world filled with complicated web forms and digital marketing services, have we lost the “human” element in how we run our organizations? In this information-packed keynote presentation, Tod will walk your audiences through the five primary areas your organization needs to focus on to bring the humanity back into how you do business.

UPDATED FOR 2015: Recruiting and Leading the Social Generation
Is your company on Instagram? How about Tumblr? If not, you may be missing a critical component in your recruitment strategy. Even if you do manage to recruit Gen-Y/Millennials, you’ll need to know how to manage and engage them. They are the most fickle work generation ever. And you need to understand them now more than ever.

UPDATED FOR 2015: Deconstructing Viral: How to Build a Killer Viral Marketing Campaign
Today’s viral campaigns may seem like jackpots in a one-in-a-million lottery, but it turns out they are well within the reach of any marketing team’s grasp. All it takes is knowing the secret ingredients behind some of the world’s most talked-about campaigns. By reverse-engineering each element of a successful viral campaign in your industry, Tod Maffin will show your audience the key markers that can launch a campaign into the viral stratosphere — markers that can be programmed into the smallest budgets. — Video sample and more at http://todmaffin.com/viral

One Click Away: Cultivating Brand Loyalty in the Digital-Consumer Economy
In this era of the empowered consumer and websites that report the lowest prices on everything, it’s critical that organizations be proactive in deploying specific tactics aimed at earning and cultivating brand loyalty. In this presentation, Tod demonstrates how quickly loyal fans fall out of love with their “favorite” brands and offers precise action steps that need to be taken in order to maintain that loyalty. — More at http://todmaffin.com/oneclickaway

20/20 Vision: The Future of Business in 2020
In this fast-paced glimpse at what the business landscape will look like in 2020, Tod Maffin breaks down the top consumer and corporate mega-trends and reveals how they’ll affect all organizations. How will this smartphone culture change how people make purchases? What creative employee benefits will you need in place to retain your key people? How will neuromarketing affect your sales plans? How will you combat loyalty-sniping apps? It’s a look at the what future holds for us all, solidly anchored in real-world business priorities.
— More at http://todmaffin.com/2020vision

Smart Communities, Engaged Citizens
Using the same web sites that your civic stakeholders are already using, you could be helping lead the dialogue, getting important information to people, collecting opinion on issues from zoning to schools to property tax. And all with safe, secure, and standards-compliant tools. Tod Maffin will show your attendees how successful cities and communities your size are already using mobile and social media to be more effective in their communications, cutting costs, and — most importantly — developing an engaged, active citizen base. He’ll break down three successful campaigns for re-election and walk your group how the elected representative used specific digital tactics.
— More at http://todmaffin.com/government

SWARM!: Turning Combatants into Advocates When Good Buzz Goes Bad Online Now that you’ve got your company’s social media platforms in place and staff trained, how prepared are you for when you’re attacked on those same platforms, either by angry customers, Internet “trolls,” or ill-informed pressure groups? This session can work as a full keynote, an interactive workshop, or intimate session for senior leaders. — More at: http://todmaffin.com/crisis

Exploiting Edgerank: Triple Your Brand’s Visibility on Facebook So you’ve got a Facebook page for your brand, but it’s just not getting the traction you keep hearing about. You post something to your fan page and, a minute later, it’s already dropped off the bottom of your fans’ News Feeds. In this fast-paced seminar, Tod reveal how social media pros use Edgerank to keep their brand much more visible on Facebook’s all-important News Feed. — More at http://todmaffin.com/fb_edgerank

Creating Contagious Fan Engagement Using Social Media In this half- or full-day, attendees will learn the secrets behind creating contagious engagement in social media — the kind of interaction that drives real-world action. Fully-customized to your organization and competitive space, your team will learn how to identify and reach brand influencers, protect and moderate your social media channels, convert attackers to fans, exploit advanced tactics like retargeting and microtargeting, and more. — More at http://todmaffin.com/smworkshop 

NEW: 30 Secret Nerd Tips for Life Control
Tired of going to conference sessions where the presenter talks in theoretical, 50-thousand-foot generalities? You know the kind — you walk away thinking “He had nice slides, but I can’t apply any of that to my real day job.” In this fun information-packed session, Tod Maffin will reveal his 30 top nerd tips for working more effectively and living your life with less stress.
— More at http://todmaffin.com/30nerdtips


Taking Crazy Back: A New Roadmap to Mental Health in the Workplace
Once the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar technology firm, Tod’s workload and always-on personality finally caught up with him and over the following years, he was crippled by a devastating depression and addiction — all the while struggling to appear to be productive to employers and colleagues, and happy and healthy to his friends and family. Tod will outline his own bold strategy for bringing mental health discussion out of the shadows in a way that will challenge your attendees for years to come.
— Video sample and more at http://takingcrazyback.com/

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