Twitter’s new live webstreaming app, Periscope, has taken the web by storm. I’ll admit, I’m a little obsessed too. From astronaut Chris Hadfield doing an improptu description of his space suit to Mashable unboxing a random p.r. shipment they received, it’s all oddly compelling.

Not surprisingly, a number of brands have registered user names as well, though I expect most are just making sure nobody else takes their username.

This platform, though, could provide a whole new level of engagement for business. Here are some ideas:

Live Product Launches

periscope-for-businessWhen you go live on Periscope, people who follow you get a notification that you’re broadcasting — along with the title of your cast (a much stronger call-to-action than competing app Meerkat). Fans who follow will get first word of a new product you’re launching, and the platform gives you a chance to interact directly with them via the chat.


One thing I learned while working at CBC is that people love to see what happens behind the scenes. It’s not just the mystique of broadcasting — potential employees want to see “inside” an organization, customers want to see how you make products, and more. Interview a key employee, or take people on a tour of your facilities. You’d be surprised how many people like it.

Regular QuickCast Shows

periscope-business-ideasFor a few weeks, I was doing “Tod’s Digital Daily” shows. They were brief, ad-libbed mini-shows on a single topic. I took questions if they come up and since people get the notification that I was live, they could jump on or watch later in the Recent Broadcasts section. It’s a great way to give back to your community.

Live Support

If you’ve got a product or service that’s a little complicated, a regular segment where you walk people through the installation or using it better. For instance, I have had a terrible time setting up geofencing on my Hue lights. I’d love them to do a quick demo. Plus, the questions you get live will give you a sense of what common issues customers are having.

Major Announcements

This one’s a given — when you have a live announcement, your CEO is speaking at a conference, or you’re doing some kind of event, stream it! Remember, only people who are interested will bother to tune in. If you’re livestreaming someone else, the cameraphone operator can answer questions after the event is over right on the stream.

Crowdsourced Research

Want some ideas of a new product or market? There’s nothing like getting 40 or 50 people in a live, impromptu focus group! Remember, in the “old days,” focus groups would cost you thousands of dollars and you’d only get eight or ten people? Those days are gone. Now, with Periscope, you can set up your own focus group on the fly.

Early days? Of course. This platform will still evolve. But people wrote off Twitter when it started too. 😉

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