edgerank_postAfter being tipped off by my friend Buzz Bishop (and hearing other reports from friends in the industry) that Facebook might have adjusted its Edgerank code again, I thought I’d run some experiments.

Used to be that posting images would almost certainly get you to the news feed. Now, it seems that plain-old Status Updates are Facebook’s new post de jour.


I run a Facebook Page with about 90,000 fans [CBC Fan Club] and tried four different types of posts, each spaced 30 minutes apart:

  • A plain Status Update
  • A Status Update with an external link in the comments
  • A Link post
  • An Image post

Results After About 10 Hours

Status Message — no link anywhere [view]
27,648 viewed

Status Message — with link in comments [view]
24,240 viewed

Link Post [view]
15,232 viewed

Photo (highly sharable) [view]
12.944 viewed


Although this test was done on a large fan sample, this was a single test. Still, I think it’s clear that returning to posting plain Status Updates might be very advantageous for social media community managers looking to increase reach.