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As a former journalist (both broadcast and print) I understand what it takes to put a program or article together. As a result, I’m very fast at returning calls and I speak clearly and without jargon.

I’ve been used as an expert guest by major national and international media including ABC, Bloomberg TV, CBC (Canada), national daily newspapers, and many trade publications.

Please contact me for interviews or articles in these areas of expertise:


[toggle_item active=”true” title=”Social Media and Digital Marketing”]I give keynote presentations and workshops to more than 40 conferences and groups around the world each year — nearly all on the topic of using digital marketing and social media like Facebook and Twitter to develop a strong and effective brand online.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item active=”true” title=”Generation Y in the Workplace”]I’m passionate about helping managers and leaders better understand this generation, so they can reach them more effectively. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about these people and I can correct the myths, explain the differences in generations, and help your audience teach, lead, or sell to them more effectively.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item active=”true” title=”Mental Health and Addiction”]I share with selected shows and publications my own personal story of how work overload and stress started the ball rolling on a very serious breakdown which led to depression and addiction. My story includes two months in residential treatment (rehab) and a rocky road to recovery. I’ve been healthy and sober for a solid period of time and can use that perspective to help your audience learn how to live life fully and work/study hard without falling into a collapse.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item active=”true” title=”Education”]I have a unique educational background. I was a high-school dropout (never even finished grade nine) and yet followed my natural curiosity about subjects that intrigued me. I entered college at 15 and was teaching University-level classes by 21. I have some very strong and provocative opinions about how the school “system” needs to change — radically change — in order to meet the education needs of our learners. Plus, I can explain how today’s students’ brains have had to compensate to adjust to the high-tech world around them, and how teachers should adapt their curricula to account for that.[/toggle_item]


I’m very experienced with broadcast interviews (used to host two national radio shows on CBC Radio), can supply suggested questions in advance, and have a lively, upbeat “sound” on air.

I have a fully-equipped studio with an acoustically tiled booth to do beautiful sounding radio double-enders, and a professional HD camera and lapel mic to ship you “my side” of the interview.

You can reach me toll-free at +1-855-TOD-MAFFIN or contact me by email.