Healthcare and Hospitals Keynote Presentations

Healthcare and Hospitals

Top healthcare groups from the Ontario Hospital Association to Abbott Nutrition trust Tod Maffin to help their groups understand how to navigate through digital communications and social media in a regulated and public-sector environment.

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The Digital/Social Hospital: Nine Strategic Uses of Social Media in Hospitals

In this information-packed presentation, Tod covers how to use digital communications to reach these key objectives:

1. Patients and Families
a. Building an Informed Patient Base
b. Reducing Costs of Treating Chronic Conditions
c. Improving the Overall Hospital Experience

2. The Community
a. Banking Community Goodwill Capital
b. Meeting Public Health Objectives
c. Becoming a Trusted Source in Emergencies

3. Clinicians and Administrators
a. Demonstrating Accountability
b. Staying More Informed
c. Recruiting and Humanizing Your Staff

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The Facts of Strife: Responding When Your Hospital is Attacked Online

Now that you’re starting to get your hospital online and staff trained for this new digital world, how prepared are you for when you’re attacked on those same platforms? In this fast-paced, interactive session, your group will learn:

  • Tod’s company’s highly effective PEDB flow-strategy for managing your hospital’s online presences
  • How to create a Negative Response Strategy for your hospital or healthcare centre
  • The most effective, compliance-safe social media policies for employees
  • How to establish your social channels first so you’re ready to use them in an emergency
  • Why your hospital’s next hire needs to be a Chief Humanizing Officer and what that role would entail

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