[su_label type=”warning”]WARNING[/su_label] If you run any kind of retail operation, you probably know that your Facebook Page has a Reviews function, where people can leave a star-rating and description of the service they received.

What many people don’t know is that Facebook rarely alerts Page owners to people who have left reviews on their Page.¬†At my social media agency in vancouver, engageQ digital, we use a tool called Sprout Social that finds all new content so that we can engage with the person. New reviews, though, don’t get surfaced by Sprout Social. Or Hootsuite. Or any similar services.

So how do you find out when you have new reviews? If you want to be absolutely sure you don’t miss any, check your Reviews page manually each day. Your review page, if you have one, is at:


Be sure you click on “Most Recent” when you get there.

You can (and should) respond to all reviews.