I run an (unofficial) CBC page which has attracted about 85,000 CBC fans. For the most people, these folks are true fans — they Like and Comment lots.

Every so often, someone will add a comment that’s either way off-topic, a personal attack, or otherwise “deletable” offense in my books. Facebook will often catch these on its own and place the comment under an ellipsis:

Facebook does a pretty good job of finding and hiding those comments — it helps if you turn on the profanity filter in your Page settings.

When you click the dots, Facebook will reveal the comment it hid for you:

I used to handle these by deleting the comment and banning the person. This prevented the person from Liking or Commenting again. But Facebook has a nice function when it comes to hiding content.

In the example above, the comment was automatically hidden by Facebook (likely because of the profanity). If I deleted and/or banned the commenter, they would know when they found their comment gone and their commenting ability turned off.

But by simply not doing anything, the only people who will be able to see this comment are the commenter and his/her friends. Nobody else on your Page will be able to see it. It’ll be as if it doesn’t exist. This way, your commenter thinks their comment made it to the Page.

  • When would you want to ban someone?
    I’d do it if the person clearly spammed (posted the same comment on multiple posts) or keeps adding off-topic/bad comments.