Facebook is a great place to find new leads and customers — in this free online training, I’ll teach you how to create, optimize, and track your first Facebook Ad Campaign.

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CertificateSS2So you’ve got a Facebook brand page. But it’s just not growing or performing the way you’d hoped. Sound familiar? You’re in the right place.

In this in-depth Tod Maffin Summer School series, we’ll dive-deep into Facebook’s advertising options — everything from fully-tracked ROI-performing campaigns to getting your organization on more news feeds at no cost at all!

At the end of the program, upon successful completion of a brief exam, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion (right).

The intensive course happens live over three weeks (August 6-22) — 30-minute sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. THEN, after each live session, I’ll join you in our private Facebook group to answer any questions you may have, with detailed explanations, custom video walk-throughs and more.

Note to Australia/U.K. people — All modules will be recorded and available to watch any time you like!

Fully-Loaded Live Course

This isn’t just a bunch of out-of-date prerecorded videos — this is a live, active workshop with these components:

  • Six live-streamed modules with Tod, as he walks you through — step-by-step — the skills you’ll need to develop top-performing ads (will also be recorded so you can watch any time)
  • A live 90-minute Q&A session following each lesson in our own private Facebook Group
  • A bonus extended module on Tod’s SWARM methodology to turn negative commenters to brand advocates
  • Each lesson will come with a MP3 audio recording of the session (for you to review again in your car, on your jog, or anywhere) and a  replay of the live video lesson.
  • There will also be a complete transcript in PDF and Kindle format!, if audio’s not your favorite way to learn. These are also great for review, since you can skim them quickly to find the point you want.
  • You’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow members, to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience, find potential partners, and get personalized advice from me. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I are here to get you rolling again.
  • Special free sign-up bonus of Tod’s book Bashtagged! — yours free when you sign up.

Eventbrite - Tod Maffin's Summer School: Facebook Advertising Intensive

Module 1: Advertising Without Spending a Penny

  • Pages vs Profiles and other Basics Explained
  • Busting the Top Myths of Facebook Advertising
  • Exploiting Edgerank: Facebook’s Secret Sauce
  • How to Advertise Your Page or Business for Free
  • Tod’s Secret Post to Get Massive Engagement (don’t do it too often!)

Module 2: Boosting Posts for Greater Visibility

  • Why You Should Never Use Facebook’s “Boost Posts” product
  • Identifying the Right Post to Boost: The STIR Method
  • Triple Your Ad Effectiveness by Tweaking the Boosted Post Audience
  • Monitoring Your Campaign Live

Module 3: Creating and Running a Successful Campaign

  • Clearly Defining the Campaign Goal
  • The Three Components of a Perfect Facebook Ad
  • Staying “Clean” — Ensuring You Don’t Break Facebook’s Ad Rules
  • Where to Advertise (column, News Feed, mobile, and more)
  • Step-by-Step Walkthrough: Creating a ROI-Tracked Advertising Campaign
  • When Things Go Wrong

Module 4: Extending Your Budget (Bidding Like a Pro)

  • Understanding Bidding — The Internet Marketer’s Martial Art
  • Tactics to Drive Your Per-Action Cost Down
  • Retargeting: Reaching People Who’ve Visited Your Web Site in the Past
  • Tod’s Secret IFRAME Trick to Keep Costs In Line
  • Conversion Tracking In Detail — Ensuring Your ROI
  • Creating Compelling Offers and Questions That Go Viral

Module 5: Advanced Ninja Tips

  • Tod’s $1/day Trick to Bypass Edgerank — Reach Nearly All Your Fans
  • Pushing More People to Your Web Site (Domain Sponsored Stories)
  • Targeting Your Existing Customers (Custom Audiences)
  • Gaining More Customers With Lookalike Audiences
  • Perfect Your ROI With A/B Testing
  • Tod’s List of the Best Online Marketing Resources

Module 6: Extended: All Your Questions Answered

  • A special extended live Q&A sessions to dive deep into all your questions

Bonus #1 — Responding to Negative Comments the SWARM Way

$75 value. In this extended 45-minute module, you’ll learn how to convert attackers to advocates using his SWARM Method — the right way to respond if your organization is at the receiving end of negative comments online. Tod’s SWARM Method is in use in major organizations around the world.

Bonus #2 — Full Walkthrough of Facebook’s New Page Insights

A complete 30-minute video tutorial on using Facebook’s new Page Insights tool — in full detail. We’ll examine how to uncover content trends your fans respond to, how to determine what types of posts they tend to dislike, and benchmark your data against previous periods. You will receive this training video as soon as you register!

Bonus #3 — Complimentary 15-minute Personal Phone Consultation

Do you have specific questions about your Facebook ad setup, your digital marketing, your Facebook Brand Page layout, or other topics around social media communications? As a member of my Summer School, you’re able to book a personal and confidential 15-minute consultation with me — we can do it via phone or webcast. All your questions answered!




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100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Black
Remember, if you aren’t happy in any way with the results 
you get from deploying these tactics, I’ll refund 100% of your investment.


Special Signup Bonus: “Bashtagged! Responding to a Twitter Attack”

If you sign up now, you’ll get a free copy of Tod’s book Bashtagged! Responding to a Twitter Attack.

It’s an ordinary Tuesday — until suddenly your phone starts ringing, email fills up, and your boss walks in to ask to speak to you. Without you knowing it, your organization has been “bashtagged” — attacked on Twitter. And now, that clever campaign you thought would win you awards is going up in smoke. And worse, actually turning people against your brand. In this easy-to-read 40-page ebook, you’ll find out the four stages of a Twitter attack, how best to respond, learn from case studies of other organizations who’ve been attacked, and discover the best monitoring solutions.

The book is yours immediately via an instant download when you register for this Summer School program — it’s a regular printable PDF with no pesky DRM copy protection.


twanow“Tod knows that business moves quickly and responds just as fast. We rely on his ideas and attention to detail to ensure our social media is on course and working to build the brand. Many talk the talk, but in the SM space there are few that can walk the walk like Tod and his team.”

—David Twanow, National Advertising Manager, OK Tire


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the material?
If you’ve tried to deploy the tactics you’ll learn in this program and not been happy with the results, I’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

I’m busy. Do I have to be there those Tuesday and Thursday mornings?
Not at all! You’ll have access to the video replays on a special password-protected web site for an entire year.

Can I listen to this in my car?
Absolutely. Each module will come with a full-length MP3 audio of the presentation which you can download and listen in your car, on your morning jog, while making dinner, or anywhere you want. This is a regular MP3 without any pesky DRM copy protection.

Can my whole office attend?
You only need to buy one subscription if you plan to have everyone gather around one computer. For each additional live-streaming computer (e.g., in another office or location), you’ll need to separate subscription.



  • August 6: Module 1 — Advertising Without Spending a Penny
  • August 8: Module 2 — Boosting Posts for Greater Visibility
  • August 13: Module 3 — Creating and Running a Successful Campaign
  • August 15: Module 4 — Extending Your Budget (Bidding Like a Pro)
  • August 20: Module 5 — Advanced Ninja Tips
  • August 22: Module 6 — Extended: All Your Questions Answered
  • August 27: Extended Bonus Module — Responding to Negative Comments Using the SWARM Methodology

All modules start at 10:00 a.m. Pacific (1pm Eastern, 6pm UK).

Each session is 30 minutes, immediately followed by a 90-minute Q&A with me in your private Facebook Group (so that all questions and answers are archived for you and easily searchable).

Remember, each LIVE session is recorded and you’ll have unlimited access to the replay videos in your members’ area, along with your bonuses.


33abede“I am constantly impressed by Tod’s ideas, passion, and execution when it comes to digital media… Tod is at the forefront of the digital / social media scene and has a LOT of valuable insight and knowledge to share.”

—Steve Pratt, Director of Digital Music and CBC Radio 3, CBC Radio


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Eventbrite - Tod Maffin's Summer School: Facebook Advertising Intensive

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Black

Remember, if you aren’t happy in any way with the results 
you get from deploying these tactics, I’ll refund 100% of your investment.


What They Say

Here are just some comments of the hundreds of graduates of Tod’s previous 30 Days to Social Media Mastery online course:

  • “Very practical content within the series that can be put to use right away.”
    — Paul Domke

  • “Tod, this was well worth the time it took for me to go through the videos. I found them easy to listen to, that radio voice of yours, humorous, applicable and very usable. I have already noticed an increase in my ‘likes’ and interactions. Thanks for the great tips, I will go through my copious notes again and again until I am as awesome as you!”
    —  Corina Hemming,  M&M Interiors

  • “Hi Tod, you make learning fun!  Looking forward to seeing you present live hopefully soon!”
    — Erin Brown, Recruitment Officer, Brandon MB

  • “Thank you Tod, you have given me quite a few tips that other courses haven’t.  I look forward to implementing them!”
    — Lizi Martini, Social Media Manager, Cape Town, South Africa

  • “This series was awesome!  I gained alot of valuable information that I have already started using with my very first client.”
    — Karen Fracassi, business owner, Palm Beach Shores, FL

  • “Very interesting.  It was educational and enjoyable.  There were several tips and tricks that I did not know about.”
    — Leticia LaFontaine, Nashville TN

  • “I thought it was excellent. A whole lot of things I didn’t know.”
    — Gary Jones, realtor, Coquitlam BC

  • “Brilliant course. There were a number of take-aways I’ve already implemented in my daily social media activities. “
    — Mark Buell, communications manager, Ottawa ON

Eventbrite - Tod Maffin's Summer School: Facebook Advertising Intensive

P.S. Learning just one tactic from this program can save you hundreds of dollars in your Facebook advertising — this is an investment that will pay off in days!