Of all the social media marketing strategies, email seems to be the easiest, right? After all, you use email every day. Not so fast.

Tod Maffin

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools, with one of the highest returns on investment, yet so few companies do it right. (Or at all.)

Let Tod Maffin show you the ins and outs of email marketing — from the very basics, right through to advanced techniques like click-weighted A/B testing, and integrating your newsletter directly into your web site.

He’ll show you how to get subscribers the right way, or double the number of followers you already have. This isn’t a high-level 30,000 ft view of email marketing and its place in the world. These are fast and effective tips to make sure every effort you spend in email marketing returns many, many more.

This Wednesday, January 20
UBC Robson Square, Vancouver


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Tod MaffinDraft Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, January 20, 2009 • 9:30 a.m. • UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver

Part I: The Basics

  • Starting your first email newsletter
  • Using a provider vs doing it yourself
  • How to get subscribers
  • How to craft a subject line that your recipients will respond to
  • Promoting your newsletter
  • The “no-effort newsletter” — merging your newsletter and your blog
  • How often should I send?
  • About using a purchased mailing list
  • Sending in advance, and setting up a regular automated schedule
  • Complete screen-by-screen walkthrough of Mailchimp.com
  • What to write and how to find material
  • Sending coupons for offline (“real world”) redemption
  • Giving your newsletter a professional design in two minute
  • Personalizing your newsletters (“Dear Tod,” instead of “Dear newsletter subscriber”)

Part II: The Secrets

  • 14 tips to increasing your open rate
  • Integrating your newsletter directly with your web site without being a programmer
  • Boost your open rate using A/B testing (via name, subject line, or date/time)
  • Tying newsletter-opens directly to purchases or lead generation
  • Staying out of spam folders
  • Using Google Analytics to track your newsletter’s success
  • Using plug-ins to connect your newsletter to your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Movable Type CMS
  • Segmenting your newsletter for stronger personalization — send only to specific sub-groups
  • Create auto-responders that automatically send content to your subscribers without you lifting a finger
  • Keeping it Legal: Staying within the bounds of the CAN-SPAM act
  • Affiliate marketing: Earn cash with your newsletter with a single link
  • Integrating Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn into your newsletter
  • Integrating events registrations and surveys right in the newsletter
  • Integrating other services, such as Salesforce, Freshbooks, HighRise, PayPal, and more

Part III: No Question Is a Stupid Question

  • Lively Q&A session, where every question is answered and discussed among attendees.

Every attendee will receive a workbook with a summary of content covered, and access to a private web page full of resources, links, and a summary of the workshop content.

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when I hold this workshop in your city.

The Complete Assured ROI™ Package

Tod Maffin

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Get alerted
when I hold this workshop in your city.

Have you ever been frustrated by vague seminars that promise you social media results but don’t deliver? Perhaps the presenter focused on the “shiny objects,” told you how you have to “be one with the conversation” without showing you how to do that and make money, generate leads, reduce attrition, or whatever your business goals are?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time planning a return on your social media investment, than learning how to re-colour a Twitter avatar?

As a former CEO of a publicly traded company, Tod Maffin approaches social media from a business point-of-view. Using his Assured ROI™ methodology, he’ll show you how to ensure that you earn measurable, real, bottom-line results from your social media strategies. No 50,000-foot viewing here. Only simple, understandable, and measurable strategies.