Tabitha probably wasn’t expecting a knock on the door when she was getting ready for work. When she answered it, this happened:

It was a clever campaign, not just for the fun of watching someone get completely surprised, but also for its deeper ethos — if you’re a customer of ours, we’ll surprise you.


The Role of the Director of Delight

Every firm needs a Director of Delight — someone whose sole job it is to surprise customers.

Certainly, customer support and marketing have a role to play in surprising customers, but this could be done a number of ways:

  • Mailing a handwritten postcard thanking them for their business
  • Sending totally random branded swag
  • Ask them what their favourite charity and donate $200 to it, under their name
  • Calling the customer to ask them, in-depth, how they could serve them better
  • Provide an out-of-the-blue free product or year free of service
  • Researching them on social media and sending them a gift related to their interests
  • Review the LinkedIn profile of a customer and offer to introduce them to someone else in your own network
  • Offer to profile their business on your company blog

What a fun job that would be!