While most of my time is spent working at my digital marketing firm engageQ digital, I also give presentations about social media to lots of groups.

Like many speakers, people come up to me after and will ask me to follow up with them on some issue or another. I used to try to remember (a lost cause, in my case) or write down what they wanted but often I’d end up with something like “Send b-dop. Tue smed?” and I wouldn’t have a clue what it meant.

Then I stumbled upon this idea which has worked flawlessly since I started it. I realized that, in most cases, people wanted me to follow up with them about one of three topics:

  1. “Send me a copy of your slides.”
  2. “We want to work with engageQ.” (formerly “tMedia”)
  3. “We might want to hire you as a speaker.”

So I assigned each corner of my business card to one of these three reasons, then added a fourth “Other.”

So, if you give me your business card and you ask me to get back to you about having engageQ (formerly tMedia) help you with your online digital marketing strategy, you might notice me surreptitiously folding back the bottom-right corner.

There’s actually a second-level on this — all folded corners go to the back of the card, unless it’s an urgent request, in which case I fold the corner to the front of their card.