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The New Bot Economy: How AI Will Change Business Forever

It’s the lifelong dream of all marketers — a channel that is always on, always converting. That’s the promise of the Bot Economy.

Little surprise that heavyweights like Facebook, Snapchat, and Google are focused intensely on this space.

How do brands compete in this lucrative channel, while still maintaining top-quality one-on-one service with their customers?

And how do the top brands — from British Airways to H&M — use bots to drive more sales, with less cost of customer acquisition.

In this revealing keynote, Tod Maffin will share insights his agency has learned around deploying bots that can sell your product, help serve your customers better, and gain a wider engaged audience.

All without sacrificing what made your brand valuable in the first place.

It’s an entertaining and information-packed session that will leave you perfectly positioned for the coming Bot Economy.


Exploiting Conversational Commerce

Your customers are reaching out to you through an ever-growing list of social channels. In most cases, they want simple answers to basic questions. We’ll review how social bots, like on Facebook, Kik, and others, can help boost revenue without sacrificing the “personal touch.”

In-Store Bots — From Talk to Till

These days, it’s not good enough to deploy a bot and let it run. You need to connect back to your bricks-and-mortar locations. Tod will demonstrate how to make the bot connection full-circle — from talk to till. And we’ll review actual real robots that are increasing in-store sales.


Avoiding the Bot Blunders

Don’t make the mistakes hundreds of other marketers have in rushing bots to their customers. We’ll walk through the top five mistakes brands make in deploying bots — knowledge that could save you thousands in lost revenue and bad customer experiences.

This high-energy keynote presentation can be in formats from 60 to 90 minutes in length. It’s best suited for groups involved in marketing, leadership, sales, product design, and IT. As with all Tod’s presentations, attendees will be able to download the complete presentation and additional material after.

  • Industry-Specific 100% 100%
  • Forward-Looking 75% 75%
  • Humor/Entertainment Value 75% 75%
  • Tech Knowledge Required 20% 20%

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Rave Reviews from Meeting Planners

“Tod’s presentation has fundamentally changed how some broadcasters who watched him at our conference continued their business operations. He is really just that good!”

Western Association of Broadcasters

“Tod is not a cookie-cutter speaker. Rather, his ability to listen and identify a company’s specific needs and then tailor his approach to its stage of readiness is really unique to most gurus in this area. He is an absolute professional who will enthusiastically tell you your present and future. If you’re ready to hear it.”

Catherine Legge

CBC Television

“Your keynote rat­ings reflected 5+ out of 5 and a stand­ing ova­tion (which is in itself a rar­ity and speaks vol­umes). Feed­back from del­e­gates included, “Awesome speaker, sim­ply out­stand­ing”; “Absolutely amaz­ing speaker!”; “Best speaker ever.”

Elizabeth Lengyel

Conference Board of Canada

About Tod Maffin

“One of the country’s most influential futurists.” — The Globe and Mail

Tod is president of engageQ digital, an industry-leading digital agency that provides online marketing for such brands as the Grey Cup, Mountain Equipment Coop, OK Tire, and more.

He is writing the forthcoming book Beyond Social, and is co-author of TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization and other books.

His insights on the future of business have been covered by major media including the Globe and Mail, USA Today, CBC, the Huffington Post, and more.

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