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Building a YouTube Following

You started a YouTube channel. And you uploaded some videos. But you haven’t gotten much traction. Wanna know why? It’s because You’re Doing It All Wrong. And YouTube guru Steve Dotto will tell you exactly how to fix it.

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The New Sales Funnel

Think you’re focusing on the right things when it comes to selling your product or service? Chances are, you’re not. Scott Stratten, co-author of UnSelling, is here to tell you what you’re doing all wrong, and how to fix it.

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Paid Search Advertising

You’ve paid for search engine advertising but haven’t seen the results you expected. Why? Because you’re doing it all wrong. And this Paid Search expert will tell you how to do it right.

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The Myth of the “Brand Awareness” Objective

So many times, when we ask clients what their objectives are, they’ll say “increased brand awareness.” It’s a fine idea, but it’s not an objective.Brand awareness is what you need to get a real objective.Real objectives include:• Increased ticket sales• Reduced member...

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International Open Data Day

When I was at PodCamp Toronto last week, I ran into Richard Pietro who was one of the organizers behind Open Data day. If you don't know anything about Open Data, it's worth looking into. Essentially, it's a group of developers who are using publicly available data...

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RECAP: Advanced Facebook Advertising Clinic

Last night, I presented my "Advanced Facebook Advertising Clinic" at Third Tuesday Vancouver. First Things First We now have a Facebook Group for Third Tuesday Vancouver. Please be sure to join it! Shane's Blog Recap Shane Gibson has done an excellent recap of the...

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