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Stop “Growth Hacking.”You’re Embarrassing Yourself.

I’m in this Facebook Group. It’s for people who advertise on Facebook. At least once every goddamned day, someone will find some “amazing growth hacking” tool and ask “Should I try this?” The answer, almost always is: Christ, no. This particular app this fellow is...

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Retarget Links: Remarketing Without a Web Site

Retargeting is an incredible powerful marketing tool. But until now, you’ve needed to get people to visit your site for it to work. Not any more. With RetargetLinks, you can reach people who’ve simply clicked on any link you’ve posted on social media, placed in an email, or more.

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Five Steps to Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

You may want to dive in headfirst into Facebook advertising. That would be a mistake. There are some critical things you need in place that far too many businesses fail to do — and it costs them in the long-run. Here’s the plan we recommend for all our clients at my digital marketing agency.

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Six Business Uses for Periscope

Twitter's new live webstreaming app, Periscope, has taken the web by storm. I'll admit, I'm a little obsessed too. From astronaut Chris Hadfield doing an improptu description of his space suit to Mashable unboxing a random p.r. shipment they received, it's all oddly...

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Running a Marketing Agency

You’ve taken the plunge. Gone from taking side projects on to hanging out your shingle as a real marketing agency. Problem is, you’re not getting any business. In this episode, Mitch Joel (President of Twit Image Agency) will tell you what you’re probably doing wrong and how to fix it.

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Social Listening

Your boss told you to do some “social listening.” So you set up some Google Alerts. And you get a few hits. But miss most of them — especially the most important of them all: unbranded mentions. Business intelligence expert Cam Steed from Smashed Abacus tells you what you’re doing wrong in this episode.

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