So. Here We Are.

It took a while, but your organization has finally embraced social media. You’re listening, posting, and engaging in real conversations. And it’s starting to pay off. You’re seeing some modest growth and the VP of marketing is happy to have pretty new metrics to measure. Nice work.

But What’s Next?

Meanwhile, your competitors have been quietly working on reaching people in a world beyond social. They’re using technology to identify high-value customers as they walk in the store. They’re popping up offers on the smartphones of people near their location. And it’s working. Shouldn’t your company be there too?

Marketing Beyond Social

Social media sites have figured out they’re hugely valuable. And they’re making brands pay plenty to reach customers. In a world beyond social, you will build your own “social” networks, redefine your KPIs, and overhaul your entire sales funnel.

Influence Mobs

It’s true. The smart brands no longer spend their time trying to reach a broad range of prospects. In a world beyond social, you’ll need to form a new “mob mentality” — turning influencers into brand advocates with pinpoint precision.

Smartphone Culture

They’re finding you on their phones. On their watches. On their glasses. Is your organization meeting them in these new channels? Tod will share industry-specific case studies on how other brands are exploiting this new technology to grow faster.

Predictive Response

Until now, it’s all we had — models based on past behavior. Stop looking in the rear-view mirror. Now that we’re beyond social, we can use biometric technology to identify people most likely to take action at the most opportune moment.

This high-energy keynote presentation can be in formats from 60 to 90 minutes in length. It’s best suited for groups involved in marketing, leadership, sales, product design, and IT. As with all Tod’s presentations, attendees will be able to download the complete presentation and additional material after.

  • Forward-Looking 100% 100%
  • Humor/Entertainment Value 75% 75%
  • Industry-Specific 100% 100%
  • Inspirational 65% 65%
  • Motivating 90% 90%

More Than a Keynote

Follow-Up Webinar

At no additional cost, Tod will present his keynote online for people who couldn’t make it. You’ll get a list of attendees, their contact info for followup, and the session can use your branding and host.

Full Materials

Your attendees will be able to download a complete copy of the slides, case studies presented during the keynote, worksheets, and other helpful material that will spark action after the event.

Promo Video

Tod can produce a teaser video encouraging people to attend your event. This video can be embedded directly onto any site. You can write the script yourself or Tod can write one for your approval. [watch sample]


Article / Blog Post

Tod can write an article or blog post that covers the keynote topic. You can use this article prior to your event or as a follow-up after. You’ll get fully-licenced artwork to go alongside the piece.

What They Say

“Tod’s presentation has fundamentally changed how some broadcasters who watched him at our conference continued their business operations. He is really just that good!”

Western Association of Broadcasters

“Tod is not a cookie-cutter speaker. Rather, his ability to listen and identify a company’s specific needs and then tailor his approach to its stage of readiness is really unique to most gurus in this area. He is an absolute professional who will enthusiastically tell you your present and future. If you’re ready to hear it.”

Catherine Legge

CBC Television

“Your keynote rat­ings reflected 5+ out of 5 and a stand­ing ova­tion (which is in itself a rar­ity and speaks vol­umes). Feed­back from del­e­gates included, “Awesome speaker, sim­ply out­stand­ing”; “Absolutely amaz­ing speaker!”; “Best speaker ever.”

Elizabeth Lengyel

Conference Board of Canada

About Tod Maffin

“One of the country’s most influential futurists.” — The Globe and Mail

Tod is president of engageQ digital, an industry-leading digital agency that provides online marketing for such brands as the Grey Cup, Mountain Equipment Coop, OK Tire, and more.

He is writing the forthcoming book Beyond Social, and is co-author of TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization and other books.

His insights on the future of business have been covered by major media including the Globe and Mail, USA Today, CBC, the Huffington Post, and more.

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