In just a few days, my small book Bashtagged! will come out. Here’s a synposis:

It’s an ordinary Tuesday — until suddenly your phone starts ringing, email fills up, and your boss walks in to ask to speak to you.

Without you knowing it, your organization has been “bashtagged” — attacked on Twitter. And now, that clever campaign you thought would win you awards is going up in smoke. And worse, actually turning people against your brand.

In this easy-to-read 40-page ebook, you’ll find out the four stages of a Twitter attack, how best to respond, learn from case studies of other organizations who’ve been attacked, and discover the best monitoring solutions.

Would you like a free copy? All I ask is you give it a fair review on its Amazon page (and, if you have a blog, that too). And, of course, let me know if you spot any typos. 😉

Sorry, this offer is now closed.




Hashtag Attacks
— Case Study: McDonald’s

Impersonation Attacks:
— Getting Verified
— Other Ways to Identify
— Parody Accounts

Four Phases of a Twitter Attack
— 1: Ground Zero
— 2: Ripple Effect
— 3: Tides
— 4: Public Domain

Pre-Emptive Measures
— Groundswell Monitoring
— Monitoring tools (Google Alerts, Twitter, Social Mention)

Public Sector and Social Issues
— Case Study: Tony Clement and CRTC
— How Politicians and the Public Sector Should Handle Crises on Twitter
— Case Study: VIA Rail