So You've Booked Tod. What Next?

Tod keeps his presentations very fresh with the latest info and is often updating the slides right up to the last minute, so as a result, his notes are on his notebook computer. This means his laptop must be physically in front of him on the lectern. (It can not be on a table to the side, on the projector table, or at the back with the A/V crew.) Thus, the A/V crew needs to provide an HDMI or VGA cable directly at the lectern.

Almost all of Tod presentations have audio now, so he needs a way to plug into the room’s sound system or large speakers. (In a pinch, he can hold his mic up to the speakers on his laptop, but it doesn’t sound very good.)

Download Tod Maffin High-Res Photos

Tod Brings:

  • His own Mac notebook computer
  • Mac VGA and HDMI adapters
  • Slides designed to fit 16:9 resolution

Tod Needs:

  • HDMI or VGA cable at the lectern
  • A wireless, lavalier microphone
  • A projector
  • A stereo mini plug for audio from the laptop into your sound system
  • Food Allergies: None