So You've Booked Tod. What Next?

Tod keeps his presentations very fresh with the latest info and is often updating the slides right up to the last minute, so as a result, his notes are on his notebook computer. This means his laptop must be physically in front of him on the lectern. (It can not be on a table to the side, on the projector table, or at the back with the A/V crew.) Thus, the A/V crew needs to provide an HDMI or VGA cable directly at the lectern.

Tod will not provide a digital version of the presentation in advance. Computer stays in Tod’s possession at all times. It will not be given the night prior for setup and will not be surrendered on the day of the event.

If presentation will be held after a meal (i.e., a luncheon), all dishes must be cleared from tables prior to beginning.

Almost all of Tod presentations have audio now, so he needs a way to plug into the room’s sound system or large speakers. (In a pinch, he can hold his mic up to the speakers on his laptop, but it doesn’t sound very good.)

Download Tod Maffin High-Res Photos

Tod Brings:

  • His own Apple MacBook Pro running Keynote software (with USB-C ports)
  • Mac VGA and HDMI adapters
  • Slides designed to fit 16:9 resolution

Tod Needs:

  • HDMI or VGA cable at the lectern
  • A wireless lapel microphone (speaker will not use handheld or on-head microphones)
  • AC power within six feet of Tod’s computer
  • A projector and screen(s)
  • A stereo mini plug for audio from the laptop into your sound system
  • A ten-minute break period for client’s audience prior to speaking in order to test all AV requirements