One of the things I get asked a lot at my presentations is if I have a course or video that helps people really excel at digital and social media marketing. Until now, I’ve had to sheepishly admit I didn’t.

Can you see where this is going? 😉

I’ve just finished putting together a free video series called 30 Days to Social Media Marketing Awesomeness (hey, I never said I was good at naming things).

You can sign up free right now at
There is no catch. It will never cost you money.

The course ( a new video every three days) will cover such things as:

  • Identifying and reaching high social influencers
  • Moderating your Facebook brand page
  • Ninja secrets to getting to the News Feed of your Facebook fans
  • How to respond when your brand is attacked online
  • Effective Twitter marketing
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your social media efforts
  • Understanding YouTube’s powerful Insights panel
  • How to geo-target your brand’s postings on Facebook
  • ….and a bunch more

Here’s how it works: When you sign up, every three days for a month I’ll send you a new short video to watch that walks you that day’s lesson. (it’s free, and you can unsubscribe any time with a single click.)

There’s no catch here — just something lots of people have been asking me for, so here it is!

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You can sign up free right now at